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As a mother and wife, I appreciated having good WHOLEsome
ingredients that I could put together without much fuss to create
healthy, delicious and nourishing meals for the WHOLE family.
I have created these recipes keeping simplicity in mind. Enjoy!

Over 100 recipes now divided into three books so you can learn how to make exactly what you want.
Join my ebook club and receive new and updated recipes complimentary.
Also included:
– Specific instructions for soaking and sprouting
– A list of essential kitchen equipment to get started
– A starter guide for making better food choices

My hope is to encourage you to incorporate more fresh, plant-based nutrition into your family’s daily diet
allowing for gluten, dairy and grain intolerances as well as avoiding any added sugar.


Book 1 Healthy meals for the WHOLE family. E book (download) $20 AUD

Book 2 Crackers, dips & sauces for the WHOLE family. E book (download) $20 AUD

Book3 Decadent desserts & snacks for the WHOLE family. E book (download) $20 AUD

Set (Book 1,2 & 3) E book (download) $50 AUD

Basic Dips to Flavor

Remove the stalks from the kale, layer and roll up the leaves and chop the kale up finely in a chiffonade method so you have thin strips. Combine ripe avocado chunks with the tamari and lemon juice and blend until avocado is covered.

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